The Absolute Must See Attractions of Delhi

It is rightly said that Delhi has the “dil” or heart of India because of diverse demographic distribution, in fact, Delhi is as good as mini India when it comes to considering the amount of cultures that flourish there. Located at such an interesting geographical location, Delhi is a halt for major traffic system- is it rail, road or even air traffic. All the important official tours also take place here only. Hence, we have chalked out 10 destinations that you can visit while you are staying in Delhi in a very short time and a modest budget. Here we go:-

The mighty India Gate:- This huge war memorial built in remembrance of log 82000 who lost their life in World War II. This land mark has been a symbol of nit just Delhi hut even India itself. Known mostly for its triumphal arch that looks like the “ Arch of Constantine”, this architectural beauty looks simply awesome in the evening lights. Located alongside the Raj Ghat, is one of the best places to hangout in Delhi.

Red Fort: The Red Fort is the centre of attraction for all tourists in Delhi. It is a jewel in the crown of Delhi and has always garnered much attention from tourists all round the globe. The monumental building has many museums within it and was historically the King’s palace during the regime of the Mughals. Every year the Prime Minister gives a speech from the Red Fort and it is a huge tourism event as all states of India, the NCC and the defence forces put up wonderful shows on that day.

Mughal Gardens: Inspired by the Mughal Gardens of Jammu and Kashmir, the Mughal Gardens of New Delhi are a true delight to the eyes. In a huge area of 15 acres, the garden has huge variety of roses and tulips. The view of Rashtrapati Bhawan is also quite scenic from the Mughal Gardens. Drop in with your friends and family to get some fresh and fragrant air.

Raj Ghat: – Raj Ghat is the cremation site of Mahatma Gandhi and every year tourists visit the place where Gandhi’s body was cremated. The black marble platform located on the banks of Yamuna has an external flame burning on one side which leaves an unspoken message to the visitors. silence of the place grabs your mind at once. If you are done with the traffic and pollution of Delhi and want to spend some moments of solitude then Raj Ghat is the place for you.

Lotus (Bahai) Temple: – Ever since its construction in 1986, the Lotus temple is a centre for the Bahai Faith which believes in establishing harmony amongst people of different faith. However the unique design and planning of the temple attracts thousands of tourists every year. Designed in the shape of lotus, it has a lush green surrounding and the inspiring peace of the building grips you right from the first step into the temple.

Qutb Minar:- This is another architectural genius built during the rule of Mughal Sultanate. This World Heritage Site has five storeys made in a tapering fashion. The 73 meter tall tower is the tallest tower in India and it has a bottom base of 14.3 meters while the top is just 2.7 meters wide. It was planned and commissioned by Qutb-ud-din Aibak ad completed by his son -in-law Iltutmish. This minaret is surrounded by several other places of the Sultanate region which adds its glory.

Parathe wali gali :- For all the foodies who want to try the local cuisine, parathe wali gali is a paradise as they get all the local flavours of parathas here and the taste is just so yumm. Located in a narrow alley of Chandni Chowk, this place is always abuzz with customers and the variety of parathas they serve here is the most interesting thing out here. The hot and spicy parathas with their mouth watering sauces and chutneys will blow you away.

Jantar Mantar: – The Jantar Mantar is basically an astronomical observatory with a huge equinoctial sundial which is located in heart of Delhi. It’s well managed gardens and courtyards give you peace of mind and get rid of the dust and noise ridden New Delhi Streets. Located in Connaught Place, it has always excited tourists all round the globe.

Sarojini Nagar Market :- Well if you love bargaining and you are running tight on budget while you still want to buy some clothes for self and family, Sarojini Nagar Market is the ideal place for you. Stuffed with never ending small shops and ever noisy shopkeepers minding their still noisier customers with best possible bargain is a regular feature of this market. Once you go there, you will definitely buy many things which are otherwise costly at other places.

Akshardham Temple: – Located on the banks of the mystic Yamuna river, this architectural marvel and it’s cultural display of 10000 years drives thousands of people to visit the temple. Even though primarily it is place of worship for Hindus but the place attracts tourists from all sections of the society. This 43 meter tall, 96 meter wide and 109 meter long building is the main centre of attraction of the region and it attracts neatly 70% of all tourists who visit Delhi.

Delhi is connected to all parts of India through an efficient railway, roadway and airway system and has cheap and reasonable hotels at all its tourist sites which make it a tourist favouring city. We listed you the 10 most happening location in Delhi and you should visit them whenever you are in here.

So, that was all about points of interest in Delhi. One last mention is that of the weather. While you can come to Delhi any time of the year, the period from October to March is best suited for tourists. Plan your holidays accordingly and make most out them.